Song report
Song: Last One To Know
Artist: Art Carter, CD "UNBOUND"
Copyright © 2003 Art Carter
HSS Song Rating: 3.57
Proximity of hit songs
These are the closest ten songs in the complete hit database to Last One To Know, sorted by their proximity.

Artist  Song  Proximity 
1. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott  Get Ur Freak On  2.10 
2. Tweet  Oops (Oh My)  2.17 
3. Train  Meet Virginia  2.27 
4. Truth Hurts Featuring Rakim  Addictive  2.32 
5. Tyrese  Sweet Lady  2.33 
6. Hanson  This Time Around  2.49 
7. Linkin Park  In The End  2.64 
8. Petey Pablo  Raise Up  2.68 
9. Backstreet Boys  Shape Of My Heart  2.83 
10. Brandy  What About Us?  2.85 
Proximity of current hits
These are hit songs from the same week as Last One To Know, sorted by their proximity to your song.

Artist  Song  Proximity 
3 Doors Down  When I'm Gone  2.49 
Evanescence  Bring Me To Life  5.00 
Matchbox Twenty  Unwell  5.34 
Busta Rhymes  I Know What You Want  5.51 
Justin Timberlake  Rock Your Body  5.63 
Wayne Wonder  No Letting Go  6.27 
50 Cent  21 Questions  6.35 
Sean Paul  Get Busy  6.57 
R. Kelly  Ignition  6.67 
Lil' Kim  Magic Stick  6.92 reports are based on the mathematical properties of the audio uploaded to the web site. Therefore, the quality of the audio we receive has a strong effect on the results detailed in the report. This includes but is not exclusive to every step of the recording process, from the original studio recording to the MP3 encoding. The uploaded audio must be of the right format: MP3 at 128 kBits, 44.1 kHz, Stereo or Joint Stereo.